Website Capabilities for Manufacturers

Small, medium, and large manufacturing companies

Upgrading your web-presence should not be a headache for you. We will make it as painless as possible.


Why should you bother to create a web presence for your Manufacturing company?

  • Speak directly to your clients 24/7
  • Extend the marketing reach for your manufactured goods outside of your immediate geographical area
  • Create a platform that communicates the most current information about you
  • Differentiate yourself from every other company supplying similar manufactured goods
  • Give your clients the opportunity to see movies of your equipment and manufacturing processes, saying far more than any flat brochure ever could!
  • Provide an immediate ‘Call to Action’ opportunity on each page, along with FTP capability

Can your clients view your product offerings on monitors, tablets or Smart Phones?


Manufacturers blog

Is Blogging Right for Your Manufacturing Company?

      Blogging and the Manufacturing Company     A number of our clients view a regular flow of blogs as non-essential, or even 'cute'.  Quite the contrary, the technical blog used in an industrial setting performs a number of valued tasks:   Blogging contributes greatly to your position in the...
E-mail Marketing for manufacturing businesses

E-mail Marketing for the Manufacturing Business

  E-mail Marketing and Campaigns for Your Manufacturing Business: We are expertly trained with Constant Contact, a service devoted to developing targeted, e-newsletters, event invitations and surveys for your clients. The analytics feature allows us to inform you just how much of your content is being received and retained.  ...
Social Media Management for the Manufacturing Business

Social Media Management for the Manufacturing Business

  Social Media Management:  We understand that you know your business inside and out. The big question:  Is Social Media Right for You?  We think so!  Let us evaluate your overall marketing plan and show you the successful programs with which we have already been involved (including some local Fortune 500 companies, as...
Search Engine Optimization is Your Key to Success on Your Manufacturing Web Site

Search Engine Optimization for Your Manufacturing Business

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We could talk (or type) for hours on search engine optimization, but we’ll save the long story for later.  As a participant in the manufacturing realm, differentiation is all-important.  Whether you operate a screw machine shop, are a leather fabricator, a woodworker, or whatever-...


Industry Calendars for Your Manufacturing Business

Industry Calendars for Your Manufacturing Business

Major Trade Shows Coming Up?   Is your company exhibiting or attending a major trade event coming up?  Are there trade events you wish to provide information about to your clients as a service?  Best of all, the calendar can be modified BY YOU, on the fly.  If something new comes up, or your schedule changes, your clients are...
Video Enhancements to Your Manufacturing Web Site

Video Enhancements to Your Manufacturing Web Site

    Can You Use Video in Your Manufacturing Web Site?   Whether you are talking about brochures, mailers or web sites, quality photographs are key.  One huge advantage you have to attract your clients on a web site, however, are video images of machines, processes, your physical plant.....The videos become almost...

Web Site Portals for Manufacturing Web Sites

    What are Web Site Portals?     Do you you have the need for anyone in contact with your web site to access information, securely, for only their eyes?  How about:   Pricing for distributors showing only their pricing schedule at the level of distributorship they hold with you? Stock status and promise...

Web Design For The Manufacturing Industry

  Web Design Considerations: Don't forget, your web site is the 24/7 emissary for your operation.  It works day and night, just like your clients may.    You are looking for a custom web design cohesive to your organization’s personality, services and atmosphere; Keystone Click is up for that challenge. Yes,...

E-Commerce Website for Manufacturing

  Reassuringly Safe Transactions for Both You and Your Clients Does your manufacturing business have a great product or service to sell? Why limit your customers to a store front when Keystone Click can develop a secure and easy online store for you?  With this feature, we can offer you custom carts, intuitive catalogs and logical...

Responsive Web Design and Manufacturing Web Sites

  Does Your Website Display Properly on Monitors, Tablets and Smart Phones?   Think of how your clients do business.  Monitors on the desk, a tablet at the ready when out on their, or your, shop floor.  A Smart Phone in the car, airplane or ?? while in transit.  Shouldn't you make things just that much easier for...

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