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Does Your Website Display Properly on Monitors, Tablets and Smart Phones?


Think of how your clients do business.  Monitors on the desk, a tablet at the ready when out on their, or your, shop floor.  A Smart Phone in the car, airplane or ?? while in transit.  Shouldn't you make things just that much easier for them to contact you?  In todays advancing technological world, it is very important for your website to display and function properly on a desktop computer.  But, it must also work on mobile and tablet devices.  The answer to that is Responsive Web Design


What is Responsive Web Design?

The old way to develop a website to be 'mobile friendly' was to actually develop an entirely new website that fits and displays in a mobile device.  Often, you would view a site and the address would be - with the 'm' signifying 'mobile'.  That way worked very well for a while, but now there is a new and improved way to ensure mobile friendly web design.  Responsive Web Design will rearrange the content on your website based on the viewing window's dimensions.


Google prefers responsive web design versus the old/alternative method of using the website redirect.  The alternative method required more code to display the same website.  Google prefers minimizing the code and having one site to index and spider versus multiple versions of the same website.  This definitely helps with the search engine optimization (SEO) efforts on your website.  Ask us how we can configure your manufacturing site for this Best Practice approach!

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