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What are Web Site Portals?



Do you you have the need for anyone in contact with your web site to access information, securely, for only their eyes?  How about:


  • Pricing for distributors showing only their pricing schedule at the level of distributorship they hold with you?
  • Stock status and promise dates of goods?
  • Data for only the information of a salesperson in the field regarding their clients, payment history, order status or projects in play? 
  • Would it be beneficial to have these individuals able to access the information 24-hours per day without getting in contact with someone in your office?


The portals are secure, password-driven entry points that allow certain individuals to access information specific to their needs and permissions.  Of course, you can limit, or even end the permissions at any time.


Ask us what the possibilities are for your manufacturing business, like we have for numerous others.  This is clearly a way to differentiate yourself among suppliers, sales staff and clients!

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