Felins USA, Inc.

Business Type:                                 

Felins USA, Inc. ( http://felins.com/), Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a manufacturer of bundling, wrapping, tying and strapping solutions, from tabletop scale to full speed online applications.  Located in northwestern Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Felins USA, Inc. has been an industry leader since 1921.



Core Issues / Opportunities:

The corporation had an existing, dated web presence that was not taking advantage of some the live action product video they had available to them.  An existing brand had been developed, but needed refreshing.  A decision was made to revamp the overall look of the company’s marketing presence, while expanding the presentation of the product attributes and video promotional information that existed.  Another thrust was to feature both stock and their customized machine configurations.



Scope of Project:

Assess the success of the overall marketing and web presence of Felins USA, Inc., making it work for them 24/7 by conveying the capabilities of the company, communicating critical industry information to their client base and, ultimately, utilize some of the current Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools to their benefit.




The successful solution set was to:

  1. Present the core competencies and capabilities of the client in maintaining their ‘brand’
  2. Create an attractive, user friendly vehicle to attract client attention and provide sufficient ‘call to action’ opportunities.  The site photography captures action shots of shop floor activities to appeal to the identified client base
  3. Create a web site utilizing current ‘Responsive Design’ capabilities, allowing for viewing on conventional monitors, tablet PC’s, and SMART phones
  4. Provide a platform for the company to make ‘on-the-fly’ modifications to the site as business needs change, including an integrated events calendar with location/direction mapping capabilities
  5. Implement best practice Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to elevate searches for the company and their processes as high in the popular search engines as possible
  6. Integrate the vast library of action videos the client possessed in an attractive, frequently updated manner
  7. Implement a comprehensive News & Events function to highlight successes, awards, current events.
  8. Provide metrics and site statistics to show successes, weaknesses, performance, and trends for the overall approach
  9. Phase II and Phase III activities designed to include continuing SEO and brand development activities
  10. Stress the concept of Sustainability in the actions and products of the company.
  11. Develop and roll out an integrated File Transfer Protocol (FTP) functionality on the site




The deliverables in this project were:

  1. Analysis of the core competencies and desires of the client
  2. Responsive Design website, based on Drupal functionality with Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) and Content Management System (CMS) technology
  3. Ensure a fresh, attractive website appearance, maximizing the functionality, convey maximum information and portray the client as a source authority in the subject areas
  4. Integration of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to assure that each page helps attract as much attention of the search engine algorithms possible, thus maximizes the opportunity for search engines and clients to find the site.
  5. Integrate video library on the website
  6. Develop an ongoing plan to integrate the website into a comprehensive marketing approach and ongoing SEO efforts.
  7. Conduct follow-up meetings for support and discussion of future activities, review of metrics of the site successes and shortcomings, and, develop a strategy to maximize the positives.
  8. Develop and roll out an integrated File Transfer Protocol (FTP) functionality on the site

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