Sign Effectz


Business Type:                                 

Sign Effectz, Inc. is a designer, manufacturer, remediation & repair specialist and architectural consultant on building materials, facades and signage in the local and national marketplaces.


Core Issues / Opportunities:

This organization had previously commissioned a site with another developer, and was not able to make the changes they needed to the site as their business demanded change.  Further, without adequate Search Engine Optimization (SEO), they were not seeing results they had anticipated, slowing down growth their business.  After paying up front and a monthly fee for maintenance for the old site, Sign Effectz, Inc. discovered they owned no rights to their site and could not move it elsewhere.  A decision was made to go in a different direction, taking a more active role in portraying and promoting business and client interest.


Scope of Project:                       

Evaluate the overall market and web presence of the agency, making it work for them 24/7 by conveying the capabilities of their principals, communicating salient industry information to the client base and, ultimately, seek to differentiate the agency in a positive light.



The successful solution set was to:

  • Collate the core competencies of the client and their three operating divisions
  • Create an attractive website to attract both local and national attention, and provide sufficient ‘call to action’ opportunities for each operating division
  • Create a single website, utilizing a single interface to allow the client to manage the three URL’s associated with the site.
  • Provide a platform for the client to make ‘on-the-fly’ modifications to the site as business needs change
  • Implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to elevate searches as high in the popular search engines as possible
  • Utilize blog posts to establish the capabilities and achievements of the organization
  • Implement a Social Media program to maximize the exposure to the various media available.
  • Work with the Sign Effectz, Inc. marketing consultant to assure uniformity and best practice implementation



The deliverables in this project were:

  • Attractive website design based on Drupal functionality with Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) and Content Management System (CMS) technology
  • Ensure a fresh, attractive website appearance, maximizing the functionality, convey maximum information and portray the client as a source authority in the subject areas
  • Integration of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to assure that each page helps attract as much attention of the search engine algorithms possible, maximizing the opportunity for search engines and clients to find the site.
  • Utilization of the site as the single point of activity for the three connected URL’s
  • Consult on blog posts to further attract attention on an ongoing basis

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