Todd-Gustafson & Associates, LLC


Business Type:                                 

Manufacturers’ Representative Agency doing consultative sales of POP lighting systems, molded plastics


Core Issues / Opportunities:

This agency had just invested in a site with another developer, and were not seeing the results, nor getting the support they required for growing their business.  After receiving no leads in 12+ months of their previous site going live, they opted to go in a different direction, taking a more active role in driving business and interest.


Scope of Project:                       

Evaluate the overall market and web presence of the agency, making it work for them 24/7 by conveying the capabilities of their principals, communicating salient industry information to the client base and, ultimately, seek to differentiate the agency in a positive light.



The successful solution set was to:

  • Collate the data critical to the client and their principals
  • Create an attractive website to provide sufficient ‘call to action’ opportunities
  • Create a ‘Responsive Design’ website, allowing for viewing on monitors, tablet PC’s, and SMART phones
  • Allow for ‘on-the-fly’ modifications to the site by the user as business needs change
  • Implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to elevate searches as high in the popular search engines as possible
  • Create an overall marketing plan/ editorial calendar for the agency
  • Implement a  Social Media program to maximize the exposure to the various media available.
  • Provide metrics and site statistics to show performance



The deliverables in this project were:

  • Analysis of the core competencies and desires of the client
  • Responsive Design website, based on Drupal functionality with Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) and Content Management System (CMS) technology
  • Ensure a fresh, attractive website appearance, maximizing the functionality, convey maximum information and portray the client as a source authority in the subject areas
  • Integration of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to assure that each page helps attract as much attention of the search engine algorithms possible, thus maximizing the opportunity for search engines and clients to find the site.
  • Utilization of appropriate Social Media tools to attract website users and further garner search engine attention
  • Develop a set of blog posts to further attract attention on an ongoing basis
  • Develop an ongoing plan to integrate the website into a comprehensive marketing approach, including an editorial calendar for the agency, supporting and supported by trade shows, eMail Blasts, blog posts, freestanding emails, Facebook, LinkedIn and ongoing SEO efforts.
  • Conduct follow-up meetings for support and discussion of future activities, review of website analytics of the site successes and shortcomings, and, develop a strategy to maximize the positives.

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