Another Take on Manufacturing Web Portals-Now Hiring!

Are you Now Hiring? 

Does anyone know, or are you relying on the newspaper or the one-size-fits-all career sites?  Everyone is used to supply chain, client-facing or distributor-specific web portals on manufacturing web sites-all designed to market products or procure ‘stuff’.  How about communicating or marketing your very most important product?  Your Business!


The Backstory for Your Company

Are you in one of those industries:

  • Desperately seeking Susan, or Raul or Frank? 
  • Where the skills shortage got you by the throat? 
  • You need just the right mindset of individual to fill out your ranks?
  • You WANT potential candidates to know the kind of place which you have provided for them to work and grow?


Are You Suitably Marketing Your Company to Potential Employees?

How about utilizing a web portal to market your company to applicants?  Do you offer internships, tuition assistance or other amenities?  Do you use the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to advertise the types of jobs you have or offer?  What IS your culture?  Regardless of generation of the applicants, interested parties want to know if live-fire experience is valued, work/life balance is a priority, etc.  The possibilities are endless. 

Frequently referred to as establishing your brand,  it has been said that when candidates come across listings they find interesting, one of the first things they do is click on the company’s Web site to find out more about the company. That is why most online hiring experts recommend that you think about the image you want to project.


Maximize Feedback Both Ways

Online pre-applications, call-to-action forms, mini job descriptions, organization charts, descriptions of typical duties or a ‘day in the life’ workday synopsis all provide applicant with a better picture of who you are.  Couple this with the simplicity of our Drupal content management system where if you can process a word processing document, you can customize your own website!


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