Critical Partners for Your Success


Just as in any manufacturing business, your supply chain is critical to your success.  To that end, Keystone Click has aligned itself, and you, with a bevy of best-practice providers of services critical to your daily success.


What Goes on in the Back Room?

Transparent to you and your clients are service or resource providers selected to increase the functionality and effectiveness of your manufacturing business web presence.  With our experience of utilizing the skills of these suppliers over hundreds of web sites, we can select the proper providers for your specific needs.


Included are resources to:

  • Help you accept payment online.  As you join the growing ranks of eCommerce users, you will want to be assured that your incoming cash is safe, as well as be able to assure your clients that their payments are equally secure.
  • Provide full service email marketing.  Your outgoing email promotional items need to be as pleasant and effective as your web site.  A uniform look (as part of your branding) is critical to your success.  A well thought out matrix of metrics on how effective your mailings are can be invaluable, as well.
  • Integration of Gmail, calendars and maps from Google Apps.  Event calendars, trade show listings (with maps), and email tied in to your web performance statistics let you know what is working and what needs to be improved.
  • Selecting, purchasing and managing a domain name.  Where should you, .net,.???...  Let us help you register and secure your domain name.
  • Locating and selecting hosting servers for your site.  Selecting a hosting server based on the content intensity and frequency and duration of use is critical in selecting the proper host to assure maximum performance.
  • Integrating Live Chat resources on your site.  Differentiate your business from your competitors, and offer your clients a better overall experience by adding Live Chat capabilities.


Let us help you select the best crop of support resources to further your business!

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