Email Marketing for the Manufacturing Business


Email-Today's 'Mail Merge'

Most likely, you have already received messages via what is referred to as an ‘eMail Blast’, or general mailing to a broadcast email list.  Some are worthwhile, while most can be irrelevant, or even irritating.


How do you make the medium of email marketing pertinent to YOUR client, while facilitating the communication of specific topics directly to potential customers?  Two key elements are required to accomplish these goals well-a quality vehicle to convey the message and skills at list and marketing management.


Conveying the Message

The vehicle we have chosen is the current state-of-the-art in email marketing, or Constant Contact.  Whether your business is in the gourmet foods, fine arts, crafts, heavy machinery or automotive, the solutions offered by Constant Contact speak to your clients, allowing you to include photos, graphics and a message specific to their desires.  Your mailing list can be personalized like any other mail merge.  By simply adding a field in the merge list, you can add personalized statements, such as, “George-Remember the last time we offered you our overrun leather for your handbag project?  Well, we have an additional quantity which would be perfect…”


Suppose you have open capacity on your Mazak® Horizontal Center NEXUS 10800-II, for example.  A subset of your client base has the need for the capabilities of that machining center, or, may have a bottleneck to eliminate in their process.  You can communicate your capabilities to those clients, fill your machine time, and service client needs.


Your Target Audience

Any email marketing campaign is as good as the list which you target.  Let us help you target and refine your lists to hit the folks most likely to be interested in your offer.  The Constant Contact platform also allows for a complete breakdown, statistically, of how many recipients:


  • Opened your email
  • No longer had valid email addresses for list management
  • ‘Clicked Through” to other links you embedded in your email to specific points on your website
  • …and more!


Those statistics go a long way in helping justify the medium as a vehicle for future campaigns.  A mass mail campaign frequently sees an open rate of around 2.0%.  Email Blasts can be in the 25.0%+ range!


Your Next Step

Let us help you manage your email marketing approach-the results have proven profitable for our other manufacturing clients.

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