Live Chat for Manufacturing Businesses

What is a Live Chat?

So, someone accesses your site and wants to know now about a special capability they require, or if lead times fit their schedule, and neither have time for an email response, nor want to wrestle with ‘voicemail jail’ to get a response.  What do you offer them?


Available now to the non-Fortune 100 business is the utility of Live Chat.  Just like you have seen on websites from major software/hardware manufacturers, or other customer service heavy hitters, you, too, can provide live chat assistance to customers looking for order status, quick capability questions, or even the mundane like hours of operation through a standard live chat interface.


How Does It Work on the Client Side?

A window is placed on the screen of your website with the common functionality of entering a question and pressing ‘Enter’, like virtually every other chat window.


What Happens On the Company Side?

The incoming inquiry is routed via G-mail chat to your in-house ‘operator’.  If the inquiry is outside of office hours, or during a lapse in coverage, a stock message is displayed, requesting name and email address along with the question, which is converted to an email to the operator, who answers during normal hours. 


If received during normal hours, the operator sees who is inquiring within the system (it is logged internally), and begins to converse with the client, assessing the inquiry and securing the proper response from the appropriate internal party.


What’s the Upshot?

Just another reason to make your clients (or potential clients) love you.  Making contacts as easy as possible is the name of the game, by removing any reasons for the client to say ‘NO’.  Let us assist you in implementing Live Chat for your business, and see what the extra traffic can bring!

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