What Can Custom Landing Pages Do for Your Manufacturing Business?

A Better Question:  WHAT is a Custom Landing Page?

A custom landing page is the first page that a potential customer sees after clicking on your link either from a paid ad or a search engine results. The page is a key element in search engine optimization (SEO) that aids your clients in finding you and increasing your search engine rank.  Simply, it's where a potential customer "lands" on your site.  It is critical to continue the message that was expressed in the ad through to the landing page.  


Custom landing pages are optimized for specific keyword phrases as well as audiences and contain a prominent call to action. These pages engage your potential customers and provoke a desired action (fill out a contact form, buy this product, or, call us today…) to increase the conversion rate of website visitors to buying customers, or at the very least, to ask more questions


How Can the Custom Landing Page Increase Your Value to Potential or Existing Clients?


  • From a manufacturing standpoint, what if contacts in the field reveal that there is a definite need for the output of a specific Brother-brand embroidery sewing machine, a Dah Li-brand machining center or an MEC-brand Aerial Lift Platform?  You happen to be the proud owner of one of these devices, and would like to tap into that potential market.  While your company name/brand may, or may not be recognizable to the clients, do they have a detailed understanding of your equipment, capabilities, or skill levels?



  • Have you considered geographical specialization for your services?  Think of office furniture components in western Michigan, water softener components in southeastern Wisconsin, or secondary machining of castings in Alabama.  Those are very typical search parameters used by supply chain folks in those territories.  Use your skills to capitalize on their demand.


Use a Strategic Approach

Understandably, like any other marketing approach, there are fine points to be considered to maximize success for your manufacturing business.  Custom Landing Pages are no exception.


Let Us Show You How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Custom Landing Pages

  • Increase client awareness of your manufacturing business
  • Increase client awareness of your manufacturing capabilities
  • Assist in boosting your Search Engine Optimization
  • Differentiate yourself from other ‘players’ in your field
  • Identify yourself geographically to certain market segments

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